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New Jersey's Regions

New Jersey may be known as the Garden State, but to truly know the state you must take into account more than the fields and farms. From quiet fishing villages to bustling urban centers, you'll find it all here.

New Jersey is divided into six main regions: Skylands, Delaware River, Gateway, Shore, Southern Shore, and Greater Atlantic City.

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Skylands Region
The Skylands Region is known for historic villages, lush forests, great shopping, and romantic B&B's. It's a great spot for those who just want to relax while they learn a little about New Jersey's history.

Delaware River

Delaware River Region
In the Delaware region you'll find streets lined with colonial homes, and the gold dome of the New Jersey Statehouse. It's a relaxing area marked by quiet country farms and historic landmarks.


Gateway Region
The Gateway region is a bustling area that is the home of Liberty State Park and Ellis Island. The region's diverse culture is reflected in its institutions and in the fabric of its towns.


Shore Region
Fishing villages, long boardwalks and quiet beach communities characterize the Shore region. The area is especially popular for surf, bay, and river fishing, from Sandy Hook to Holgate.

Southern Shore

Southern Shore Region
The gas-lit streets and historic villages along the Southern Shore Region have a distinct charm. The area is the perfect setting for boardwalk strolls, afternoon teas, and unrivaled ocean views.

Greater Atlantic City

Greater Atlantic City Region
Once a desolate area of sand, marshes and wilderness, the Atlantic City region is now one of New Jersey's most vibrant and recognizable areas, capped by the famous 4-mile Atlantic City Boardwalk.