Museums & Art Galleries

Museums and art galleries in this area foster learning in the community.  They provide a large resource for educational materials ranging from interactive studies to text materials. We are lucky enough to have a host of great museums and visual art centers within our state. Here are some of the more notable examples:


Discovery Museum

This hands-on musuem is designed for children ages 10 and younger, but is also a fun and exciting place for parents. Rated one of the top 20 Children's Museums in the country by Child Magazine, the facility features 15 interactive exhibit areas. Each of these exhibit areas is completely open for children to touch, explore and create. The museum also hosts frequent educational workshops and performances.

Jersey City Museum

The history of the Jersey City Museum dates back to 1901, when the Jersey City Public Library was built in downtown Jersey with specific space designed to house a museum. Lack of funding threatened the museum's existence in the middle of the century, but concerned citizens fought to preserve the institution and today it exists as a seperate entity from the library. The museum's goal is to collect, present, and interpret American visual art and material culture of the finest quality.

Newark Museum

Located at the heart of the Downtown Arts District of Newark, the Newark Museum offers great educational resources and programs through its multi-building campus. This museum's extensive $23 million renovation and expansion added more galleries and amenities to this already outstanding institution. The location now weaves together 80 galleries of art and science, including a mini zoo, planetarium, gift shops, cafe, auditorium, sculpture garden, schoolhouse, and a historic 1885 mansion.

Bergen Museum of Art and Science

Established in 1956, the Bergen Museum offers world class exhibits to the public with a focus on cultural diversity. A non-profit organization, the Bergen Museum of Arts and Science promotes education through its outreach program. This museum often collects data and statistics to augment the expanding of their exhibits and programs. The Bergen Museum continues to enrich our culture by hosting the BMAS Film Festival as well as the Bergen Music & Art Festival.
(201) 291-8848

Art Galleries

Rose Royce Gallery

Rose Royce Gallery prides itself focusing on quality and innovation. Featuring emerging artists of great talent, this gallery is geared to accept both seasoned collectors and those just beginning to colelct art.  This gallery opened in 1981, and many of the pieces shown are exlusive to the location. The gallery's compelling collection of paintings, scultpture, prints and photography changes frequently.
(973) 783-3876

The Laurel Tracey Gallery

The Laurel Tracy Gallery focuses on recent and contemporary works of art. The gallery priamrily shows paintings, prints and sculptures; many by artists represented in major museum colelctions across the country. Exhibitions change monthly.
10 White Street
Red Bank
New Jersey

Chamot Gallery

Chamot Gallery opened in 1996 by an artist/inventor whose work has been on display in the US, Europe and South America for the past 25 years. This gallery gives artists from all over the world exposure. Also offered is a curator service to local and international organizations, institutions, and corporations. Often featured in the American Arts Press, the 1500sq foot gallery is a great resource to artists and the community. Chamot Gallery is located in Jersey City's unique WALDO (Work And Live District Ordinance) district, an eight square block neighborhood designated soley for arts development.
111 First Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302