New Jersey growers have been producing award-winning wines for over 200 years. Two growers were recognized in 1767 by London's Royal Society of the Arts for the quality of wine they produced. The state has nearly 20 wineries that offer tours, wine tasting, festivals, concerts, shows, grape-crushing parties, and many other events throughout the year. New Jersey's wineries produce more than a million gallons of wine each year, including over 40 varieties of wines. Overall the state is the fifth in production in the nation. The Garden State Wine Growers Association also encourages visitors to go on "wine trails"- excursions that take guests to 3 to 6 different wineries.

Alba Vineyard

The Alba Vineyard is located in a historic 1805-converted stone barn. They carry 18 varieties of wines including red, white, and dessert wines. Their wines have been winning medals in national and international competitions since 1984. They hold featured events throughout the year including Mother's day, Father's day, Harvest Festivals, and more.
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Tomasello Winery

Established in 1933, the Tomasello Winery has had plenty of time to perfect their winemaking skills. The sandy loam soil in which their grapes vines grow benefits the acidity of the wine. With over 30 varieties of wine, Tomasello Winery is sure to have a wine that appeals to your palate. Offering a "Wine Lovers Club" and hosting six Gala events a year (as well as hosting wedding receptions), the Tomasello Winery has earned recognition from publications such as the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Parker's Wine Buyer's guide.
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Cream Ridge Winery

Established in 1988, this family owned and operated winery produces reds, whites, blushes and fruit wines. The wines are range in price from inexpensive to moderately priced, and Frequent Case Buyer's club is available for true aficionados. Events held at the Cream Ridge winery range from music festivals to charity benefits.
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Westfall Winery

This historic location, dating back to 1774, has gone through many stages and is now a well-known winery. The first grape seeds were planted in 2000. Westfall Winery is a unique winery, offering free wine tasting as well as barrel tasting of wines not yet released. Not only does Westfall Winery offer winemaking classes, they also hold events throughout the year.
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